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Background to PharmaSchool Candidate Assessment

PharmaSchool's reputation for and expertise in writing training courses, examinations, tests & quizzes has naturally led to requests for support during recruitment of clinical research staff. This support can take several forms and the key services we can offer are outlined below.

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Knowledge Testing

PharmaSchool's online testing solutions can be used to assess a candidate's knowledge of GCP or any other aspect of clinical research. Questions can be tailored to the job description and can be used during the interview process itself or as a part of the selection process for candidates to be called for interview. PharmaSchool's question setting team have been writing questions on clinical research weekly since 2006 and has considerable expertise in making questions appropriate to the level of knowledge required.

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Role plays and case studies

These can be used to test candidates' understanding of requirements and their ability to interpret and apply those requirements in situations they are likely to encounter on the job. PharmaSchool's expertise in this area is considerable as these kinds of exercises are a key component of our training courses. Role plays and case studies can be tailored to the job description and detailed instructions are provided for the assessor along with key points for assessment and links to the relevant regulatory reference documents.

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Onsite Interview Support

PharmaSchool Experts understand the requirements for clinical research staff and so can provide onsite support during interviews or assessment centres. This support might include taking part in a role play scenario to test the candidates, or undertaking interviews alongside the organization's own interviewers to provide an objective observation.

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