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Course Code: CTM003

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Duration: 1 Day


Clinical trials vary widely in design. It is important to understand the design of a trial to be able to effectively review protocols, review papers, complete ethics committee submissions, write patient information sheets as well as to design clinical trials. This course provides an essential foundation in clinical trial design and the knowledge needed to be able to design, review and summarise protocols

This course will give delegates:

the different trial designs
the considerations needed when designing a trial
a structure for effective protocol review
This course is suitable for anyone who is involved in clinical trials.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course has previously been delivered for groups including the following roles:

Study Nurses
Data Managers
Project Managers
Clinical Trial Coordinators
Medical Advisers

Example Content

Trial designs

Challenges and limitations

Types of trial

Difference/superiority trials
Different Phases and related designs

Endpoints and Objectives

Surrogate and composite
Primary - multiple vs co-primary
Secondary and exploratory

Minimising Bias: Randomisation and Blinding

Block Size
Stratification & minimization
Open, single and double blind
Considerations for blinding

Specific Designs (can be tailored to specific phases, e.g. phase IV trials)

Specific types of designs relating to selected phase of trial

Additional Considerations

Interim analyses
Stopping rules and futility
Event driven trials

Power and sample size

Entry criteria
Patient numbers
Drop out
Patient populations

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Average score: 9.6
Participant Feedback :
Great! I think it assumed we know about trial design and this showed us just what we did not.
Interesting and useful. Puts a great deal of topics into perspective.
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