PharmaSchool: Sample Sizing for Clinical Researchers

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Course Code: CTM008

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Duration: 1 Day

Designed for: Anyone involved in the design of clinical trials or involved in writing clinical trial reports or manuscripts, including:

Project Managers
Medical Advisers
Medical Writers
Project Accountants

The Course is ideal for groups who have to determine their own clinical trial sample sizes without input from Statisticians as well as groups who need to understand the components to more effectively work with statisticians to determine sample size.

Description: This Course is designed to equip the participant with the essential knowledge as to the requirements of sample sizing which include the key components of power, significance and assumptions. This course is not designed to be statistical and will include no mathematics or formulae, instead this gives a practical insight into how sample sizing is done and the most effective approaches to it.

The Course is a blend of theory and practical hands-on experience using sample sizing software to compute real sample sizes and explore the various assumptions.


The Key Components

Significance and relationship to p-value
Standard deviation

Framework for Sample Sizing
Obtaining estimates and assumptions
Deciding on power
Sample sizing process

Sample Sizing Continuous Data
Assumptions & Methods
Practical Examples

Sample Sizing Binary Data
Assumptions & Methods
Practical Examples

Sample Sizing Time to Event Data
Event Driven Trials (time to death, progression etc)
Additional assumptions
Event rates leading to sample size
Practical Examples

This Course has been added for 2013 due to feedback from our hugely successful courses 'Statistics for Non-Statisticians' and 'Clinical Trial Designs'. Feedback has asked for a dedicated course on Sample Sizing for Non-Statisticians.

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Number of Participants: 20
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Participant Feedback :
I have sat through a number of presentations on medical statistics in my career, and I can honestly say this was the best.
You managed to make the subject understandable and accessible, and the feedback from all the delegates was overwhelmingly positive.
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