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The PharmaSchool Website provides a wide variety of free online resources to clinical researchers across the World. The resources below also support some of our In-house and Online Learning Courses.

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The PharmaSchool JargonBuster is an online searchable dictionary of clinical research terms. You can either select the letter to display a list of terms or search by term.

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Clinical Research Blogs

From time to time PharmaSchool staff contribute Blogs and Articles to various journals, publications and other media. Please find below the links to some of these articles.

Blog: Risk Based Monitoring – Myths and Misconceptions

Blog - What does RBM mean for the future of the CRA?

Blog - What is Power and How Do We Calculate Sample Size?

Blog - Reporting Risk in Clinical Trials

Sample Size Calculators

On our very popular Clinical Trial Designs Course and the Statistics for Non-Statisticians Course we do workshops looking into Power and Sample Size. In these Workshops we use sample size software and have had many requests to make this more widely available. Please find some of these calculators below.

Sample Size Calculator for Binary outcomes (Difference Comparison) >

Sample Size Calculator for Continuous outcomes (Difference Comparison) >

Sample Size Calculator for Binary outcomes (Non-inferiority) >

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PharmaSchool Regulatory Updates

PharmaSchool GCP & Regulatory Updates are notifications about changes, additions and new documents relating to the conduct of Clinical Trials. These are updated as and when new information is available. To access the searchable database of updates please click below:

GCP & Regulations Updates


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